A Little Bit About Me

They are happy who, putting all their trust in the cross, have plunged into the water of life.

These words, written in the second century by an unknown author, shared by the psalmody of the Office of Readings, sum up what I’m attempting to do. I’m just going to hold my breath and jump in. I’m going to try my damnedest to be the change I wish to see.

I realized recently that the fact that I don’t have a degree in philosophy (yet!) does not mean that I haven’t learned plenty I can share. I don’t presume to be a teacher. But I believe strongly that I am supposed to be telling stories.I have always loved stories and have been an avid reader since before kindergarten. If you’re in your thirties and from the west coast, you’ll remember a restaurant chain called The Hamburger Stand. At this little drive-through, children’s meals came with books rather than plastic toys. I loved those books. Before I could read them, I loved just holding them and looking at them. My mom would read the books to me and point out the words as she read them and slowly I began to be able to read them myself.

By the time I was nine, I had been gifted a set of Encyclopedia Britannica books (because I’m old enough to remember them before they were online). At the time I didn’t know the difference between a story book and a reference book, so I assumed that I was to begin at the beginning and end at the end, and that somewhere along the way I would discover the story. I believe I did. I believe that was my first taste of the idea that everything is connected. I believe that was my first insight into philosophy.

It was also the first time I experienced the idea that human thoughts and interactions don’t have to be bound by time and space. There was an article on the brain I found fascinating. I looked to the back of the volume which had a brief biography of the authors contained therein and discovered that the author of the article was a dead foreigner.

The idea that I had just learned something directly from a man who had died in England decades before I read it absolutely fascinated me. And I probably knew, at that moment, that I was going to have to write stories so that at some point I would be able to reach through time and space and share with someone else.

This blogsite is my attempt at doing just that. I honestly don’t know how much material I have in me and I imagine that I’m going to be stretching my creative and philosophical prowess very thin by attempting a blog post each week, but I believe this is what my soul needs. And I believe that is what the world needs. It needs more of us doing the things we feel called to. The world needs shamans and bohemians. It needs dancers, singers, writers, philosophers, lovers, poets, historians, and artists. One may not change the world; one may only change one’s self. Hopefully this blog will change me and my small change will create a ripple. I imagine that’s all we can ask for.